TAG Systems is the only company in the world where the driver is in control of a fully operational motor vehicle as part of the simulator. Unlike ÔÇ£mock-upÔÇØ or ÔÇ£half-cabinÔÇØ cars and desktop simulators, the occupant drives a TAG Systems simulator vehicle the same way as they would in the real world with the engine and transmission in operation along with full use of the steering, accelerator, brakes and cabin controls.
This ensures the ultimate in realism.  
All TAG Systems real car simulators are manufactured entirely in-house from the hardware and software implementation, through to installation and training.
Rolling Road and Imagery
  • The vehicle is simply driven on to the system and is secured within seconds by TAGs PATENTED hold down system to a custom designed dynamometer. The dynamometer sends data for power, speed, torque and braking to the TAG systems computers which project the surrounding imagery on 3 massive 4 metres x 2.25 metres screens that give the driver an unprecedented 200 degree peripheral view of the virtual world. This imagery is run at a high refresh rate at a constant (locked) 60 frames per second.
  • The use of the dynamometer gives accurate readings for the vehicles speed, power and torque as well as reaction times in Drag race mode and Lap times in Circuit race mode.
Steering Detection
  • Steering is detected by TAG's PATENTED Twin Laser Sensors or by a potentiometer set up that detects the angular movement of the vehicle's front wheels.
The Virtual World
  • Day and Night driving scenes
  • Freeways, industrial areas, city streets, dirt tracks, drag strips and race circuits
  • Variable weather conditions with appropriate effect on the rolling road surface grip
  • Left hand or Right hand drive mode
  • All vehicles within the scene have their own Artficial Intelligence and behave like real road users
  • Student assessment reports are generated in driver training mode
  • Drivers and vehicles race performance reports are generated in entertainment mode 
Exhaust Extraction
  • All fumes are extracted directly from the vehicle's exhaust system using an industrial strength extraction fan and are expelled via unobtrusive ducting into the open air ensuring occupational health standards are met.
Engine Cooling
  • Cooling of the vehicle is ensured by an industrial strength cooling fan mounted directly in front of the vehicle's radiator and engine assembly. This fan is enclosed by a regulated safety cage structure to ensure occupational health standards are met.
  • 5 x standard high end consumer PC systems integrated with ÔÇ£off the shelfÔÇØ electronics for data acquisition and control.
  • Multiple systems can be networked together to allow for full interaction between multiple drivers in the same virtual world.
For more detailed information on the TAG Systems real car simulator technology please contact TAG Systems direct.