Racetrack Action
: - Imagine driving a Formula 1 type open wheel race car that revs to 16,000 RPM or a V8, Touring Car or Nascar, the list goes on! Racing these vehicles on a TAG Systems Simulator is an exhilarating, powerful adrenalin rush and now members of the public can do so risk free at an affordable price. Systems can be linked together to enable competitors to see and interact with each other on the same race track and  have full contact with other vehicles within the imagery. Races can be timed or limited to a number of laps with competitors having to show their skills in any number of racing scenarios.
TS8000 Entertainment Simulator

Street Drag Racing: - You can feel your heart pumping in anticipation at the start line! This is a safe, legal and challenging alternative to the current illegal and dangerous street racing problems that occur throughout the globe. When all drivers are lined up at the starting line the ÔÇ£christmas treeÔÇØ is activated to start the race. On the green light competitors put the foot to the floor and race each other or the clock over the quarter mile. Results are displayed immediately and include reaction time, elapsed time and speed. A live leader board is updated immediately after each race. This TAG System Simulator can accommodate vehicles with up to 1500 horsepower!
1957 Chevrolet Coupe 10 second 1/4 mile drag pass

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Rally Cross: - TAG Systems has a fully functional rally track. Rally Cross is a timed event over a preselected course and competitors have to complete the rally in an allocated time period to go through to the next round.

Corporate Uses: - A TAG Systems Real Car Simulator offers a unique ability to cater for corporate functions, product launches, team building and more. Your employees, suppliers and customers will have an unforgettable experience driving a real car in one of the entertainment applications. Packages can be tailored to suit all Corporate needs from a simple ÔÇ£arrive and driveÔÇØ through to a high end package including A-La-Carte Dining, Guest Speaker/s and a Racing Competition where groups compete against each other for prizes and trophies. This can provide a powerful product exposure and income producing opportunity.